Get WordPress post tags separated by comma delimiter

WordPress tags are its default taxonomies just like post categories.But Template tags are used within your blog's Templates to display what the post is all about in simple words.

WordPress tags are just like Twitter hasgtags

Get WordPress post tags

Copy and paste the below code snippet in the page where you want to use the tags to be display like for posts ,paste it in the single.php or content-single.php depending on the theme structure.

    $tags = get_the_tags( );
    $tagsof = '';
    foreach ( (array) $tags as $tag ) {
          if(isset($tag->name) && property_exists($tag,'name')){
            $tagsra.= $tag->name.',';
    $tagsof = rtrim($tagsof,',');
    echo $tagsof;

You can echo the $tagsof at any place in the code of single.php or content-single.php depending on theme structure.