WordPress : Find your WordPress Database

WordPress uses a robust database structure,Sometimes users have to change database for various reasons like checking performance issues,speed check,queries optimization etc,.If they have multi domain hosting,all the WordPress database can be viewed from phpMyAdmin itself

Sometimes it can be little difficult to find what database our WordPress is using in that database list,especially when the database generated by Auto Installers like Softaculous names database to random characters for security issues,So in this article we will show you how to find what database our WordPress is using from phpMyAdmin of cPanel from hosting account Note : Use this method ,only if you  have access to cPanel or phpMyadmin

Find What WordPress Database is using ?

  1. Wordpress database can be found using the table_prefix which is set by WordPress itself when it ask for us to enter during installation,
  2. By default it is set as "wp".It can also found in wp-config.php file under public_html folder or wordpress main public folder
  3. Search for DB_NAME in wp-config.php and find database like
    define('DB_NAME', 'databasename');
    here database name is the name of the database without table_prefix ,So in the phpMyAdmin you can find the database like 'table_prefix_DB_NAME' aka 'wp_databasename'

Extra : WordPress users can also reset WordPress password from email if they don’t have access to cPanel or phpMyAdmin , they provided during the registration process ,this method is safe an secure because it resets the password from email id of the user which in turn protects us from hackers also.