How to change the WordPress username ?

WordPress users generally have fixed username ,But if an user want to change the username to other,he cannot do it via WordPress Dashboard . In this article we will show you how to change the WordPress username .This method of changing WordPress username involves manually entering the username from the WordPress Database. As you can see ,once you access profile page of your WordPress account from dashboard,you can change anything except username.As it says "Usernames cannot be changed" because of security issues. WordPress username

Note : Use this method ,only if you have access to cPanel or phpMyAdmin

Change WordPress username

Steps :

  1. First, the users has to go to cPanel which will be provided by the hosting provider.
  2. Now open phpMyAdmin from cPanel under Databases section of the page .
  3. Now open WordPress database where you will reset the lost password ,If you don't know which database your WordPress is using,follow the link to find out what database to select from phpMyAdmin.
  4. Now open user table under database,which is usually named as "wp_users" ,I used wp as the table prefix for this WordPress Database
    • WordPress password
  5.  Now after opening users will get wp_users table
  6. Now click Edit button form the table as shown in the above picture
    • phpMyAdmin-reset-password-3
  7. Now find user_login column and type your username in the Value field as show in the picture
    •  wordpress-username-change-2
  8. Now click go below so that it will save the new username to the database
  9. Now the users can login to their account with the new username and old password.

WordPress users can also reset WordPress password from email if they don't have access to cPanel or phpMyAdmin , they provided during the registration process ,this method is safe an secure because it resets the password from email id of the user which in turn protects us from hackers also.